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  Skylight Projects


There is nothing more rational than taking advantage of natural lighting as a guarantee to improve the spatial quality of buildings, as well as saving energy. The awareness of the finitude of natural resources and the demands for reducing energy consumption has increasingly diminished the prominence of artificial lighting systems, forcing architects to seek more efficient design solutions. With this goal in mind, different operations have been adopted to capture natural light.

The main advantages of our skylight are:

  • Variable glass thickness

  • Completely compatible with curtain walls.

  • 50mm face width profiles

  • Operable vents that could be manual or motorized.

Our skylights are water tight and incredibly durable, able to withstand the UAE’s harshest seasons. Our Skylights also lighten otherwise dim areas, as well as opening up smaller spaces, giving an overall feeling of spacious luxury. By allowing sunlight to brighten a room (as opposed to light bulbs), the room takes on a more relaxing and welcoming look.


Let in natural light to create an Open & Spacious living area


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